½ long distance Triathlon

1/2 long distance and Teams

AG Long Distance Qualifying Event – 2 AG Spots
1900 m | 90 km | 21,1 km

Include the new map for the Bike course.  Please take note.  Also an Eco friendly message.

Dear athletes,

Thank you for choosing to compete at the Trimemphré Polar in 2018. Our organization wishes to reduce as much as possible its ecological footprint. To achieve our goal, we are implementing certain measures to offer a high-quality competition for all athletes, while reducing the amount of waste produced as a by-product of our activities.

As an eco-friendly event, we wish to inform you that the one aid station, on the ½ long distance triathlon, will no longer offer water bottles to the athletes. Jugs of water and the sports drink X1 will be placed on tables for athletes who wish to fill their bottles based on their needs. Volunteers will be present to assist the athletes who will stop for a few seconds at the aid stations. Gels and bananas will still be offered by our volunteers, without requiring athletes to completely stop.

For your information, athletes generally need three bottles in order to properly hydrate during the bike portion of the triathlon. Hence, it is easy for an athlete to carry a sufficient amount of liquids to remain hydrated. For example, an athlete can place two bottles behind their saddle and one on their aerobars or place two bottles on their bike frame and one on their aerobars, depending on their preference.

Finally, it is not permitted to throw empty bottles or any other trash onto the road or it’s surroundings. Each athlete is responsible for carrying whatever trash they create with them and then throwing it away in the proper bins that can be found on site.

Thank you for having chosen the Trimemphré Polar and helping to contribute to our eco responsible mission.  We are looking forward to seeing you compete!

The Trimemphré Polar team

Elevation profile of the bike course

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