General information

Important note
Check immediately page COMPETITION SCHEDULES to obtain the exact time of each race.

Athletes' Information

Race kit pickup

Schedule of Hand outs

  • • July 12th : 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  • • July 13th : 5:30 AM to 3:00 PM
  • • July 14th : 5:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Location : Under the big white tent

It is important to arrive at least two (2) hours before the start of your race. Therefore, if you plan to pick up your Race kit on the day of your race, make sure you have plenty of time.

If you have designated someone to collect your Race kit, make sure to give your confirmation letter to that person as proof of your registration.

Registration On the spot
July 13th : 4:00 to 8:00 PM
Athlete's guide
Arriving on the site

1- Get your bib number under the big white tent WITH YOUR PROOF OF REGISTRATION

2- Get marked.

3- Apply your stickers on your bike and helmet..

4- Place your equipment in the transition area (checking of equipment at the entrance to the transition zone - Have your helmet on your head).

5- Get your timing chip (the tent will be located on your way to your start (near the swimming exit stairs).

6- Go to your start 15 minutes before the pre-race meeting.

Marking and timing chips

Marking : ATTENTION marking is obligatory before you go to the transition zone and will be done at the exit of the big white tent.

Timing chips: The chips will be handed out at the tent located on your way to the start line (near the swimming exit stairs). WARNING ! No chips, no time!.

Electronic chips are provided by Sportstats. By collecting the chip that is lent to you, you agree to return the chip on arrival. Failing to do so, its replacement will be charged to you. If you lose your chip during the event, you must notify a volunteer or an official promptly so that a replacement chip can be lent to you.

Start and pre-race meeting

Start TRIATHLON : The start takes place at the beach of the Bay-of-Magog.

Start DUATHLON : The start takes place close to the finish line (as indicated).

Meeting : Will be at your start area 15 minutes before each start.


Medals : A participation medal will be awarded to each athlete who crosses the finish line.


Refreshments of water and energy drinks will be distributed on the running and biking courses and at the finish.

Water dispensers will be available to fill your water bottles. No water bottles will be distributed on-site.

Training on-site

The competition venue will be open for training the week before the event. It will not be possible to train on the courses once the competition has started.

On-site Services

• Food
• Toilets
• First Aid
• Massage
• Bike mechanic
• Animation (inflatable games, face painting etc.)
• Exhibitors
• Photographer

See here : Housing
Water temperature
The water temperature in July in Lake Memphremagog is normally above 21° C. The decision to allow the wearing of a wetsuit will be made by officials the morning of the race, one hour before the first start.